Inclusivity, yay.

Launched as the first female deodorant in 1956, Secret is still the Proctor and Gamble company’s only deodorant line for females, while it has its Gillette and Old Spice brands for males. Now, in a new ad featuring a transwoman, Secret claims there’s no “wrong way” to be a woman. Well, I say biology disagrees. The “wrong” way to be a woman is to be male. Being an adult human female are the only two requirements for womanhood. That’s it. Meet those two and you’re welcome into the club! If you only meet the female part, well you’re still in girlhood, but girl, you’ll be a woman soon enough, so no worries.  However, if you don’t meet the central requirement- being female- no entry into girlhood or womanhood for you. That’s not bigotry; that’s biology.

But here we have a brand, built by the sweat and pockets of females, that has decided that “female”, like “woman”, really doesn’t refer to any specific group of people.   Are they going to put trans men in their Old Spice and Gillette ads now too?img_5453


Doubtful, because men aren’t expected or socialized to acquiesce to female desires or demands unless there’s sex involved, whereas women are socialized to not upset males from girlhood.  Beat a boy you like at a game or sport and he may not like you anymore. Turn a guy down or don’t give him your number and you could possibly end up dead. Men fear no such reactions from women.  This is why it is really no surprise that it is women’s spaces that are being taken over. It is women who cannot be named and who must now be referred to as pregnant people and menstruators and who should look for ways to queer their periods for inclusivity’s sake.


Well I say we share the inclusivity! After all, discussing “men’s” health excludes boys, transmen and other nonbinary folks right?? So, with inclusivity in mind, a friend and I came up with these posters. You’re welcome to share far and wide if you’d like. The idea is that there’s no way people can have a problem with the below ads without admitting that “inclusive” language is utter nonsense when talking about exclusive issues, and if someone actually sees these and thinks “Yes!! This is great!” then you’ll know for sure that person has been fully brainwashed by the gender cult, but maybe these can start a discussion about how censoring language in this way obfuscates issues and erases those affected.


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