More like ShameFUL

I recognize that Shameless isn’t exactly highbrow comedy, but the last two episodes really threw my sensibilities for a loop; in them the audience was asked to find humor in young children living with a pedophile and trafficker, while also being asked to take seriously a female character who has multiple vibrators/dildos/strap-ons she calls her dick, and to be sensitive to “girl fags” and people who call themselves Zie or Ve.  Yeah, no.  Excerpts from the relevant parts of the episodes I’m referring to are below with some commentary sprinkled in.

Relevant character and background info: Svetlana is a “sex worker” from Russia who is legally married to Veronica, though Veronica and Kevin are married as well (not legally); essentially they’re a sister-wife couple. Svetlana has a young son from a previous fake marriage and Kevin and Veronica have young twin daughters.  When Veronica was having trouble conceiving, she convinced her mother to have sex with Kevin so she could get pregnant and give Veronica the baby.

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